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Travel, Work and Tax Deductions

Many people in the professional world have to go on a work related trip at some point in their career. It could be a day trip or weekend convention or a longer business endeavour, no matter the length of time, you should be aware of the impact it can have on your taxes. Today we’re […]

Understanding Non-Profits

How many times have you heard the term “Non-profit” ? It is a common term you’ve heard or seen on commercials, websites and even ads, but what does it really mean? You have even likely given money or items to a non-profit organization as a part of your charitable givings. Today we are going to […]

Kids and Money- Sorting out Needs and Wants

Teaching kids about money helps set them up for a life of financial security. Learning how to handle money early on will make it easier for them to spend responsibly, save and invest later in life. One thing that children have a tough time with is sorting out the differences in between a want and […]