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Kids and Money- Sorting out Needs and Wants

Teaching kids about money helps set them up for a life of financial security. Learning how to handle money early on will make it easier for them to spend responsibly, save and invest later in life. One thing that children have a tough time with is sorting out the differences in between a want and […]

Organizing a Household Budget

It takes a lot to run a household. You have all sorts of moving parts that need to be organized and kept on track to make it all work. From schedules and activities to all those bills and financial planning matters that needs to be managed, being disorganized can really become a problem. Today we’re […]

Steps to Building a Financial Nest Egg

Most people have heard the term “nest egg” in terms of their savings, but do you know where that term comes from? It seems that it dates back to the 14th century when farmers would put fake eggs in a nest. These nest eggs encouraged hens to lay more eggs, which meant more money for […]