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Lessons all Children should Learn about Money

How did you learn about money? Did your parents talk with you about it or did learn about money matters as you went about life? These days experts tend to agree that teaching kids about finances, as early as possible, is a good idea. Today we’ll talk about some key lessons all children should learn […]

5 Business Terms Every Entrepreneur

Being in business for yourself takes more than hanging up a sign and claiming that you’re open. There are all sorts of things to get in line, from licenses to insurance and more, it takes some special know-how to be a business owner. This week we are going to go over some important business terms […]

The Season for Scams

‘Tis almost the season and while you’re preparing to spend time with family and friends for the holidays, scammers are looking to have some quality time with your wallet. It is sad but true, the holiday season is prime time for identify theft and scams aimed at separating you from your hard earned money. You […]