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Save for the Holidays Now!

I know that it seems like a long ways away, but we all know that before you blink the holidays will be upon us. Some people have Christmas saving accounts that they build up all year, but you don’t have to start in January to make an impact on your holiday spending. Today we’re going […]

Organizing a Household Budget

It takes a lot to run a household. You have all sorts of moving parts that need to be organized and kept on track to make it all work. From schedules and activities to all those bills and financial planning matters that needs to be managed, being disorganized can really become a problem. Today we’re […]

Simplified Record Keeping Tips

You may not be thrilled about some chores necessary to adult life. Doing the yard, paying bills and cleaning out the gutter are all things most of us would rather not do! Another set of chores most people don’t look forward to are taxes and record keeping. These are, however, some of the most important […]